Luxury Home Building

In recent years, Kraf Home has specialized in the design and construction of luxury villas in secluded locations amidst beautiful scenery, but with quick and convenient access to the city. Numerous project variations are developed in the design process for each individual property until we achieve the perfect villa with great functionality and style. The construction is done “turnkey” by qualified and trained personnel, under the guidance of experts from Italy. Kraf Home is the exclusive representative for Bulgaria of Italian companies, producing high quality wooden window frames, external blinds, special floorings, bathroom equipment, lighting and furniture.

Since 2014, Kraf Home has taken serious steps towards realizing a number of investment projects for the construction of luxury villas in the beautiful mountainous areas around Sofia. The main priority of the company has been the acquisition and consolidation of suitable parcels of land and the development of town planning projects and detailed site plans for the individual projects. The sites selected by the company are located in peaceful areas in the nature, offering not only clean air and splendid views, but also quick and convenient access to the city.

Pancharevo Park is our pilot project for the construction of 8 luxury villas on a plot of 50 decares.

Kraf Home is the exclusive representative for Bulgaria of leading Italian companies, that offer construction and finishing works products with unique design and characteristics.

Kraf Home specializes in the development of exclusive residential areas around Sofia and the construction of luxury villas

About The company

Kraf Home is a successor to Kraf Group – a company with extensive experience in the construction of public infrastructure projects. The company has storage facilities for the materials, its own machinery and a team of professionals.

From 2017 to 2019 Kraf Home EAD successfully made a transition from construction of public infrastructure projects to construction of land development projects. In recent years, the company has been actively investing in the acquisition and preparation for construction of land suitable for the construction of new residential areas for luxury villas in the beautiful mountains around Sofia. After the completion of Pancharevo Park, we are planning to start the implementation of another large-scale residential project near the city.

The company also plans to enter the business of high-rise construction in the coming years. In 2022 earliest, we will start construction of an innovative project for modern and high-tech residences in the city.

Understanding that we cannot make an exceptional product with a mediocre team, we combined the efforts of creative and brilliant architects, designers, supervisors, and experts from Italy and Bulgaria to create our team.

Kraf Home works with the most innovative technologies and highest quality materials. We have created our own style and standards for the functionality and design of a luxury home.

Kraf Home is registered with the Central Professional Builder’s Register and has certifications for the execution of construction projects for:

FIRST GROUP (high-rise construction)Construction from 1st to 5th category
SECOND GROUP (transport infrastructure)Construction from 1st to 5th category
THIRD GROUP (energy infrastructure)Construction from 3rd to 5th category
FOURTH GROUP (public utilities infrastructure)Construction from 1st to 5th category

The management of the company has successfully implemented and certified:

  • System for quality management – EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Health and safety systems – EN ISO 45001:2018
  • System for management of the environment – ЕN ISO 14001:2015

The company maintains an excellent corporate and financial image.

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инж. Пламен Кралев

Основател и управляващ компанията

Инж. Пламен Кралев завършва Университет за Архитектура, Строителство и Геодезия (УАСГ) в София през 1999 г. Има повече от 20 години опит в управлението на собствен бизнес в областта на строителството и недвижимите имоти.

инж. Радослав Гьорев

Оперативен Директор

Завършва специалност  Общо Машиностроене и уредостроене в Техническия университет – София. Част е от екипа на компанията повече от 20 години и участва в управлението на всички строителни и инфраструктурни проекти.

арх. Владимир Михов

Главен Архитект

Завършва специалност Архитектура във Висшия институт по строителство и архитектура. Преподавател е в УАСГ и Гл. Архитект в КРАФ ГРУП ЕАД. ПРОФЕСИОНАЛНИ ОТЛИЧИЯ И НАГРАДИ: 1997 и 2011 г. – Архитект на годината; 2011 г. – Сграда на годината;

арх. Станко Мусов


Завършва специалност Архитектура в Университета по архитектура, строителство и геодезия. Преподавател е в УАСГ и Архитект в КРАФ ГРУП ЕАД.

инж. Мустафа Неби

Раководител Проект

Завършва Технология на машиностроенето в гр.Смолян. Притежава повече от 20 години опит в областта на строителството и машиностроенето във водещи компании.

Светлина Божилова

Отдел Продажби

Завършва магистратура по Финансов мениджмънт в УНСС и е сертифициран Водещ одитор на Системи за управление на качеството, съгласно изискванията на международния стандарт ISO 9001:2015.